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Ajka-Solution is on the market to provide its services to companies that feel the need to realize in the company projects for which they are not currently prepared in personally or otherwise.




We focus on the needs of our customers in the field of personnel and consulting services. Especially in the areas of Quality Management, Project Management, Lean Management, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Logistic and Engineering.

We also provide internal quality training where we practice your team in real-life situations. We have a great amount of experience from a wide range of industries, especially the automotive one.
Each of our consultants is able to get very quickly oriented in your processes and to be able to work independently and brings an added value.
They are all trained to strictly follow the process and system approach, bringing the customer high added value from several points of view:
Our approach

Ajka-Solution does not want to offer only workforce in the field of interim management, but our approach is based on functional teamwork that brings a synergic effect in solving your problems.
We are a team that is made up of generally oriented workers with many years of experience not only in the automotive industry. We have the ability to put specific issues into your entire business concept and therefore target your activities as efficiently as possible.

Each project has its own coordinator, who is responsible for continuous consultant training. The consultant behaves, at the customer's workplace, as a prolonged hand of the team, which, in the background, processes and supports the activities related to the project assignment, all the time from entering to reaching the desired goal.

We pride ourselves on professional ethics, fairness and mutual trust, which is an essential part of every cooperation.
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immediate ability to perform normal operative activity,
work done on the basis of directives and instructions reveals any systems discrepancies, non-conformities or weaknesses,
our consultants are familiar with the requirements of ISOs 9001, 14001 and IATF 16949 standards and can predict possibilities how they can be applied to the department in which they work. Similarly, when planning individual actions, they can anticipate the impact they will have on meeting standard and customer requirements.